The Great L.A. Stage Day Flash!

Salty Shakespeare threw down its erupting presence Saturday at the convening of theatre folk in the L.A. community.  We had a 3pm slot to speak on the topic of Art and Disturbing the Peace-----my personal favorite.

And disturb, we did.  Flashing MACBETH as a dark comedy, with the Macs as  a pair of whiney narcissists.   It was just one scene, but we’re actually considering working on the whole play like this:  with Macduff’s children as complete brats who the audience is glad to see go when Macbeth dispatches them.  And Macduff, instead of killing Macbeth in the final sword fight, actually THANKS him!!  Just a twisted idea we’re considering.  And Sam Hardie and Ava Bogle gave the scene their finest self-centered intensity.  It was HILARIOUS!!

As was the Kate and Petruchio scene from TAMING OF THE SHREW.  Chrisy Moore provided a spit-firey Katherine, engaging the audience to agree with her that Petruchio is certainly an ass.  And Sam Hardie matched her with every insult. Maybe these two should get together J

Will Rothhaar nimbly showed the audience his and our love of rap, wrapped around the first Chorus speech from HENRY V, and a final HAMLET speech.  I swear, if Shakespeare were alive, he’d be the first to incorporate rap into his verse:  the muscularity of  both is inescapable.  They fit!

And finally, we did the sword fight from KING LEAR (Edgar and Edmund.)  With no swords.  And Suzanne Ford and I making the clanking and punching sounds for Kevin Railsback (Edmund) and Ginna Carter (Edgar).  The fight is from a 90-minute adaptation of the play for 7 actors, adapted and directed by the genius Tom Beyer.  We had just had a run of it at Pacific Resident Theatre.  It’s amazing that you don’t actually need weapons for the bad guy to get killed!!  The audience TOTALLY  buys it.  I’m going to suggest this for hot spots around the world.  Save alotta  blood. 

Finally, we threw down a challenge.  We gave every member of the audience a piece of paper with a love declaration on it (from TWELFTH NIGHT).  After getting them on their feet and having them say these things to each other, we told them to take it to the streets, say one of the lines to a total stranger, say in Coffee Bean and Tealeaf, take a picture or video of your interaction (being knocked senseless or embraced).  We asked that they blog about it and send it to the website (, thus becoming a member of Salty Shakespeare’s verbal taggers.  If you’re up for it, do it yourself.  Here are the lines:

“I love you with adorations, fertile tears, with groans that thunder love, with sighs of fire”


“Oh, radiant, exquisite and unmatchable beauty!”

There it is.  Go for it.  Join the Graffiti Gang of Willy S.  Splatter the streets!

Nancy, Linda and Sara