What Difference Can a Day Possibly Make????

I gotta admit, the last two days were rough. I mean, yeah, I know, I CHOSE to come here alone with no language, no friends,no support system. And the same thing happended in Brazil 6 years ago: the first few days SUCK. You think, WHAT WAS I THINKING???? I don't even know how to order in a restaurant or give a cabbie directions.I'm stuck in this apartment - beautiful as it is - destined to languish here for the rest of my life. Okay. My mind reflects more than a whiff of Sarah Bernhardt. or Lindsay Lohan. Depending on your perspective. And your age 

But I digress.

I stayed in bed til noon today. Under the covers.  Will had texted me that our friend who was going to take our dog Lily while Will is filming KILLING KENNEDY, was no where to be found. And here I am, thousands of miles and a 90-day visa away, helpless to help. Finally, as a church bell tower tolled noon, I said, “Enough awready.” I got up, showered, got dressed and ate BREAKFAST. (My grandmother would look down on this meal at that hour…so…R.I.P.) I took a half-hour Spanish lesson on line and started out the door. I explored my neighborhood (Palermo) a bit more and actually ordered coffee in an outdoor café-----IN SPANISH!!! Okay, well, not THAT hard. But then, I walked to a private Yoga lesson, asked the instructor to only speak to me in Spanish----emersion, don’t’cha know----and proceeded to learn all the parts of the body in Spanish. It was a great session!

I hailed a cab, and gave the cab driver the address to my dinner meeting IN SPANISH!! He drove me there without one question! I met an American woman, in Argentina for a year to study Tango, who said she’ll take me to her class. The cab driver, on the way back to my apt. gave me Castillano (Argentine Spanish) pronunciation lessons and then his phone number-----to call whenever I need a cab!! Or anything else, he said. Hmmmmmmmm.

As I was exiting the cab, a female, Spanish-speaking journalist from NYC, staying in a hotel on my block, began chatting. She gave me her phone number and we plan to lunch, daaaaaahling. I’m hoping to talk her into covering my Shakespeare splatter on the streets of Buenos Aires----when I find the actors to do it. And I will.

When I fell into my apt., there was a Whatsapp message from Will saying the Lily thing was fine and all sorted out.

AHHHHHHHHHHH. What a difference a day makes!!