Peach Tree Pottery Flashes

Michael Hanson and I hit the ground running Saturday, meeting in a coffee shop on Venice Blvd. to run lines for EIGHT pieces from various Shakes plays (RICHARD III, HAMLET, MIDSUMMER, OTHELLO). All in service to the flashmob event we'd been hired to do at 11 that morning, at the cozy Peachtree Gallery on Boise, just north of Venice Blvd.

A couple of the monologues were new, a few we had nicely tucked in our repertoire, and a few we both knew, but had never done together. We slaved over hot coffee. (Can you imagine?)

There's no real blocking to a Salty flash. That is, you go TO your audience and engage them. So depending on where they are, say, in the gallery, your motive for moving has to be two-fold: your intention and relation to the other character AND your motivation to draw your audience in with you.......cheek-to-jowl, as we say. Eye to eye.

That's why this form of theatre isn't for every actor. Your concentration has to be somewhat laser-like; there's no 4th wall to keep you safe.

But this audience could not have been more welcoming. As they shopped for lovely pottery, hand-knitted caps and scarves, NOW watches, and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces-----Christmas gifts, most likely-----they stopped whenever we opened our mouths. Whether Richard of Glouster was describing his Machiavellian plots, or Emelia was ranting against the abusive Othello, or Bottom was becoming a casting director.........buyers and sellers seemed to be right there with us. No groans (OMIGOD, it's those FLASHMOB people again!!!) No. Pure artistic hospitality and appreciation. PLUS......many of the shoppers were Shakespeare-obsessed (like we are) so we got to chat about favorite performances and productions. AND delicious homemade sweet things to refresh weary actors in-between. Yum.

Michael and I had the BEST time!!! Maybe we can talk Carolynn LaRocca, the owner, into a twelfth night sale?????