Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

Okay, so flashing in front of 300 HIGHLY ACCOMPLISHED women and about 5 men could have been daunting.

Salty Shakespeare was asked to flash for the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce breakfast honoring Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.  We only got five minutes (lots of other wonderful speakers), so I decided to do a solo:  Emilia from OTHELLO for two minutes and talk about Shakespeare flashmobbing for three.
I was sitting at a table right in the middle of the HUGE ballroom.  There was one guy at the table, name of Scott.  I decided HE would be my lago. The Chief of the Santa Monica police was also at my table.  She also happened to be one of the 2 recipients of a special award. 
I had been given a cue for my eruption.  Laurel Rosen, the President of the Chamber, talked about the Courage and Commitment of women, and I leapt up, full of rage at the Moor’s unjust treatment of Desdemona.  I walked through the rows of tables, urging the attendees to  understand that Desdemona had given up EVERYTHING in her life to be with this cruel and ungrateful Moor. 


“I will be hanged,” says Emilia, “if some eternal villain……some busy and insinuating rogue……..some cogging, cuzzening slave……to GET SOME OFFICE……have not devised this slander.”
And then I leaned across the table at my Iago, which made everyone giggle nervously:  “Some such squire he was, that turned YOUR wit the seamy side without…….and made you to suspect ME with the Moor.”
To his credit, Scott’s eyes never wavered from my accusing gaze.  He bought me a raffle ticket later!
As I finished, I said to the crowd.  “And that’s how ONE woman handles injustice------with courage and commitment.”
When the Mayor of Santa Monica, Pam O’Connor, got up to speak, she said, “Who would ever have thought ten years ago that someone would come up with the idea of flashmobbing Shakespeare in the streets-----as a BUSINESS!!  Women are so creative!!”
And the Police Chief at my table told me, as we exchanged cards, that for just a second, when I erupted, she started to “call the cops”.  “There’s a crazy lady here,” she thought.  “Where are my guys???”
I LOVED this event!  So many women came up and said how enlivening and unexpected the eruption was.   We talked about the power of disruptive thought and SS’s current corporate thrust.  The whole thing was beautiful.
I think we're on to something.