Okay, there's a lot of disagreement and blah-blah that goes on about when The Big Guy was born. A lot of people think it's the 23rd because 3 days later, on the 26th, the kid was baptized and that's how that usually happened. But here Wikipedia sticks its nose in and says it was the 16th!!! What does Wikipedia know.

I'm stickin' with the 23rd. In any case, he would have been 450 years old and doesn't look a day over 400. What I'm glad about is that tomorrow, Salty Shakes will be on the Whittier campus doing a dry run of the flash we're doing of HAMLET there on the 24th. Splattering Shakespeare's words all over that campus. Verbal taggers, we are. Will, Kevin, Chrisy and me.

And after the run tomorrow, I feel compelled to go to a small pub in that small town and disturb the peace. We also have rapiers, ya know. But probably just some verbal eruption.

Just to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Will. You make my day!!!