Renaissance Faire Flash

I don’t think I’ve ever had a better Mother’s Day.  Watching my son Will flash “To Be Or Not To Be” before the Queen of England.

At the Renaissance Faire.

Will and his girlfriend Jessica had abducted me at noon, rifled through my closet to find “the right clothes” (see photo), dressed me accordingly, and fought freeway traffic to get me to the FAIRE.

Renaissance Faire 01

We saw jousting, and when one knight slew the other, a kid in front of us, maybe 8 years old turned to his friend and said, “alotta people die here; it’s messed up."

We wandered around for six hours drinking in the clothing and wares and food and re-enactments from the period.  Ya felt soaked.  And once, literally.  A ride----very low tech but inventive----swung you around a Maypole while peasant-dressed attendants threw mugs of water on you.  My stomach hurt from laughing.

But the best moment was in a re-enactment of the court of Queen Elizabeth I, when my son Will erupted from the audience, marched straight toward the Queen herself and began spouting those famous words of the Bard.

The court looked STUNNED.  A guard of the Queen took 2 steps forward to arrest the intruder, when the Queen raised one finger.  He stopped and Will continued to the end.  The audience erupted in applause.

Then the Queen rose from her throne, explained to her subjects that the young man had been doing the words of the new playwright William Shakespeare.  And then SHE began doing Ophelia.

At which point Will rose again, joined her and they completed the Get Thee To A Nunnery scene, entirely unrehearsed, but BRILLIANT, nonetheless.

Very soon after, a Lady-In-Waiting of the Queen came to Will and said her Majesty would like his contact information. 

What more could a mother want?