To our glorious supporters and contributors...

We can't even begin to say how grateful we are that you guys are stepping up to the plate to get some art going on the sands of Venice Beach.  Art that comes right to the people ----- free, no pesky ticket-buying, seat-reserving, valet-parking-the-car-with-overpriced-gas-in-the-tank.  

We plan to invade the beach with fairies and teenagers and fresh-out-of-rehab rude mechanicals and old short-sighted politicians and kings and queens.

Imagine it.  All in your bathing suit!

I've never seen this done before ----- even in Central Park Shakespeare, there's a stage and seats!

So e figure you guy are the smart  ones, thinking outside the box.  I had a teacher once who said, "Learn to listen to the voice within you that says 'JUMP NOW!'"

So you did.  God bless.

We're going to have this production ----- slightly scaled down.  In a recession, many dont jump easily.  But Nicky Hirata is  already gathering costume ideas, Lloyd Cameraon has constructed some waaaay-out bird-like poles for the chase through the dunes, Michael Toomey from Shakespeare and Co. is planning his clown and audience interactive antics to teach the cast, and Adele Cabot is gearing up to drive the cast vocally across the sand and water.

And CASTING will begin in a couple of weeks.

We will soon be posting the cut-down version of MIDSUMMER on our website, and setting up an audition schedule.  We'd love for all of you to audition ----- or if you know someone who might be interested, send them to the website.

And tell your friends, "Can 'ya spare a dime?' or more.  "Can 'ya spare a thousand?"  Spread the word.

It's going to be AN EVENT!