Well Billy Shakespeare was officially thrown out of the Santa Monica Place Mall today!!!

He'd have been pleased, I think.

We did the teen fight scene on the Promenade and it went well. Then we moved down to the Mall. Helena (Kendra Munger) came blasting into the center space with OH HELL! OH SPITE! In hot pursuit were Lysander (Ryan Martin) and Demetrius (Sam Hardie). A security guard came flying over saying, "They can't DO that here!!!"

"Shakespeare?", I asked. "The Santa Monica Place Mall is averse to SHAKESPEARE???"

"Well," he fumbled, "You have to get permission from THE MANAGERS!!"

And up ran A MANAGER. (In the background, the teens were yelling at each other, calling each other Minimus and Bead and Acorn!!! THE MANAGER was mesmerized. But broke her own trance.

"People may think we HIRED YOU to do this."

"That's a great idea, " I said.

They began to flutter and turn red. I walked over to the screaming teens. "Gotta go, guys. We're being ejected." "Well," said brave Kendra, "Let's go down fighting."

And we left the Mall with the fight at full volume, and the security guard in close pursuit, puffing. When we reached the curb at Broadway and Third, the girls were in a full-blown Shakespearean cat-fight. And a cop car pulled up. Helena belted: "Your hands than mine are quicker for a fray; my legs are longer though to run away!!"

And we all took off running. It was delicious!!