Dogs In Trees

I have to tell you. I was walking Lily today and I stopped to talk to a young woman who was walking a small dog----Corgy? Anyway, she pointed to a huge tree and said, "The other one's up there."
And indeed, 10 feet up in the tree, was a large black dog........walking out on precarious limbs and balancing!

My jaw dropped. "How did the dog get up there?"

"Her name is Phoebe....." (good Shakespearean name of course), "....and she chased a squirrel once up a tree, and realized she could DO THAT!! She's been doing it ever since."

"Did the squirrel have a heart attack?", I asked incredulously. "AND, by the way, how does Phoebe get down?"

The only jumping down place was at least 10 feet off the ground.

"Phoebe," shouted the young woman.

And Phoebe immediately jumped to the ground. Amazing!!!

THAT'S what Salty Shakespeare has to be. People need to be shocked that two completely unalike things are together: Shakespeare and elevators, Shakespeare and hotel bathroom stalls, Shakespeare and flagpoles.

Who knows?

Dogs in trees: Who knew?