Shakespeare - The People's Poet

Well, on the heels of the Ohio pro-union vote…..the Mississippi pro-woman vote…..the Maine pro-voter vote…..Shakespeare ROCKED the Occupy L.A. scene today.

We marched around the perimeter shouting AWAKE, AWAKE, UNITED STATES, picking up tent occupants along the way (as those folks were shouting with us, it occurred to me that this is INDEED how to get Shakespeare into the everyday activities of folks everywhere!)

When we arrived at City Hall south steps, we began the scene from CORIOLANUS, Richard Fancy and Ryan Martin being the smarmy, poisonous, self-justifying Fat Cats that Shakespeare knew them to be, all the way back to the 17th century.

People began to gather and join in, shouting at our two “Suits” and offering 99% hand gestures.  Our other players---Will Rothhaar, Hallee Hirsh, Sam Hardie, Chrisy Moore, Linda Lodge, Stacie Chaikin, and A.J. Paul,-----brandished signs and shouted lines from various plays, becoming more and more threatening to the Execs.  The CEO and his minion became more and more intimidated and defensive, shouting “Be GONE, you FRAGMENTS!!!”

The players and a contingent chased them out of the park, and we all stood in a circle and cheered the power of outrage in poetry.

It was a crisp, clear, cool blue sky, 75 degrees, and the sun was saying….YESSSSSSSSSS!!!

Shakespeare----the People’s Poet!!