We're Back!

There’s not much question that summer at the Annenberg, with a full flash production of HAMLET and a break-neck pre-show with a 3-minute OTHELLO, MACBETH, and R & J was enough to leave the company panting.  Our audiences were packed and appreciative and we feel we delivered the goods.

So we took a few weeks to catch our collective breath before we hit the streets again.  We’re now in pre-production mode with Katalyst Network to shoot a pilot for Salty Shakespeare as the possible first episode for a series on the YouTube channel Thrash Lab.

Linda Wickens and I are having fundraising meetings in our determined quest to continue to pay the actors to occupy the streets with Shakespeare.

And next Saturday we’ll do the first of a series of flashes for the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.  As the audience gathers at the box office for tickets to the matinee of DIAVOLO, SS actors will erupt with scenes from MIDSUMMER and HAMLET:  on the lawn, the entrance plaza, the lobby and the women’s restroom!  It crossed my mind to have Hamlet and Horatio discussing the ghost on the ramparts while peeing at the men’s room urinals.  But they’d have to consume too much water to perform it twice----which is the agreement.  J

After that, who knows?   I DID send a Salty Shakespeare quote to the Mars Rover the day after it landed:  There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Possibly our next gig?????