Christmas Flashing

Tom Beyer and I saw the Globe Theatre’s production of HAMLET at the Broad Stage last night. I liked it a lot. And was thrilled to see that even a London Shakespeare Company is working on pulling the audience into the game. They left the house lights on through the whole show, enabling them (as they explained it) to see US as well as the audience seeing them. They talked straight out to audience members more than not, and had lots of entrances through the house. It made the whole event more immediate and accessible. BRAVO!!

They even CUT Shakespeare. When I saw Mark Rylance do HAMLET a decade ago at the new Globe on the south Thames, it was all FOUR HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES of the brooding Dane. Not that he wasn’t brilliant in the role, but we had groundling seats and stood on a straw floor the whole time. Yikes!! Last night was 2 hours and 23 minutes. Not bad.

Salty Shakespeare’s HAMLET is 1 hour and 15 minutes. And the winner is………..!!!!

So. Salty Shakespeare will be flashing at the Broad on Saturday, December 15th, 1:15-2pm, before the matinee of CYMBELINE. 4 or 5 scenes. In the front patio and the back courtyard. The drunken porter from the Scottish Play will be staggering through, along with Hamlet and Bottom, Ophelia and Titania and the crazy teenagers from MIDSUMMER. And maybe even Rose Guildencrantz.   The usual suspects.

And on Saturday, Dec. 8th, we’ll be flashing the Peachtree Pottery gallery on Boise Ave. in Mar Vista. Maybe Kate and Petruchio will make an appearance there. All happening between noon and 5pm. Lots of time to see some Shakespeare up close and personal and buy those Christmas presents at the same time. Two birds……

Or just get in line at Starbucks. We may be there. You’re never safe.