Soon - Some LA WEEKLY Love

We’re terrible.  We’re always looking for an excuse to knock over some buttoned-up barriers, disturb the slumbering peace.
The L.A. WEEKLY  contacted us and wanted to do a story on Salty Shakespeare.  We agreed with the reporter (Orly Minazad) that we would flash some Bard in one week.  In fact…..a Bard Buffet.


Olvera St. was challenging because, though it was a Friday, tourists were apparently still brunching. But Will spied a group of teenagers waiting for the bus, and he flew into the St. Crispin's Day speech from HENRY V. In Spanish. At first they seemed alarmed ("My mom told me not to listen to strangers"), then delighted. Not least because of a white kid speaking such good Spanish.


Next we hit Union Station. Phil and Will stood in the line at the Starbucks and began a scene between Hamlet and Horatio. As the line moved up, so did the scene.  

HAMLET:  Hold you the watch tonight?
HORATIO:  My lord, I do.
BARISTA:  Can I help you, sir?
HAMLET:  We will watch together.   If this spirit come again……a grande latte and a spinach wrap…….I’ll speak to it though hell itself should gape and bid me hold my peace.

Then, I began doing Helena from MIDSUMMER (okayokay….I know she’s 15). I got out about 5 lines and an elderly gent said, in a British accent, “WHAT’S GOING ON???” It’s Shakespeare, I said.  “I KNOW, “ said he. “BUT WHICH ONE???”  Midsummer.  And then he yells across 2 rows of waiting passengers: “IVY!!!  THEY’RE DOING THE BARD!!!!!”

Later on, near the Third St. Promenade, Sam and Crissy erupted with Kate and Petruchio from SHREW  (when Orly asked Sam how he had gotten involved in SS, he said, “Oh, Nancy just said, ‘I want you to walk towards that pit of fire and jump in. And as I walked, she kept saying, ‘It’s not hot; keep walking.’ And I’m still alive”); Michael Hanson, leaning against a bus stop 3 blocks away, and reading a book, quietly began To Be Or Not To Be as we passed.  (The L.A. Weekly reporter spied him before he spoke, was shocked that someone was reading an actual BOOK!!).

And then finally, I kicked over decorum by shouting about Desdemona being called a whore. In front of the Starbucks there. The most fun part of that was that Laura Hill had won us in a silent auction for a Rogue Machine fundraiser, and so SHE threw in Iago’s one line in that flash. And made a damned good Iago, at that!!

I love verbal tagging. Look for the article in the L.A. WEEKLY.