I Break to Connect

I can’t believe how many amazing, energetic, powerful women live in L.A. And recently, I’ve had the privilege of meeting a slew of them. And flashing Shakespeare for most of them.

There was the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce honoring Women’s History Month, where I sat at a table with the female Chief of Police, who told me later she almost  arrested me when I shouted “He called her WHORE!!” (Emilia, expressing a bit of disapproval in OTHELLO).

Then there was the TEDx dinner, where I had amazing conversations with about 25 women who are running their own businesses. Inspiring, to say the least.

And last Sunday, I was honored to be invited to JAWS (Journalism and Women Symposium), and secretly asked to flash. I had already done Shylock from MERCHANT OF VENICE for several from this group in a restaurant after a conference on Bias at USC. I mean, who better than Shylock on Bias?  Huh? (Hath not a Jew eyes?  Hath not a Jew hands?) Gutsy of Willy S to write that speech at that time in England:  Anti-Semites, all.

So I did Emilia again from OTHELLO. One of the things I treasure about flash-mob Shakespeare is the looks on the faces in the split second where the disruption begins: shock, not a little fear (there’s a crazy lady in the room!), confusion. And then a complete delight that Shakespeare is being done right there in the middle of the crowd or the middle of the table or in the middle of the mall (sometimes!) I love speaking those beautiful words and drinking in the faces at the same time.  We are feeding each other on a soul level-----something you won’t get at such close hand in a dark theatre.

Eruption. Of the status quo. And then CONNECTION. I live for it.