Leaping Off the Edge

Okay well we were out in force today disturbing the peace at the Santa Monica pier.
It was Salty Shakespeare general auditions day and what mayhem we caused!!

Some actors who showed up knew what we do; others were clueless.  One actor----when told he should say his monologue while engaging passing strangers said,"Not on your life!"  Or basically that's what he said.  He was absolutely honest aboutit.  Said he was used to the safety of a theatre and that imaginary wall between him and the audience.  With apologies, he couldn't get out of there fast enough.

But others were exquisitely fearless, roping in passing young men, telling them as she buried her head on one of their shoulders that everyone-----ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE----thought she was as beautiful as Hermia.  Everyone, that is, except the one that counted-----that S.O.B. Demetrius.  Whom she ADORES!!!!  Her Helena captivated every tourist on the 4:15 boardwalk.

And then there was a 22-year-old actor jumping blindly and with balls into Richard the Third.  God love him!! Waaaaay too young for the part, but when I had flippantly suggested he do "anything you want:  Iago, Macbeth, Richard......", he leapt in with both feet.  And he blew the top off too.  AND.......he's a gymnast, back-flipping off the stone wall nearby.  He's usable, by God!   He's auditioning for a Vegas Cirque something on Thursday, and I hope he gets it (I want every actor to work for big money!), but I'd love to work with this kid sometime.

There were other wonderful and gutsy actors who would walk along beside children and tell them about Queen Mab;  or waylay a gang of teenage boys to insist they hear about Caesar's wounds;  one fabulous actress stopped the crowd with the lilting belt of a celtic ballad.  All of them-----everyone-----sharing the Bard on a cold day on the Beach with whomever had an open ear and heart.   And plenty did.  Lots of applause and shouts and picture-taking.  Just how we like it.

We're looking to make the play-within-the-play in HAMLET a real production, with a flock of weird, off-beat players----singing Celtic, juggling, playing odd instruments, flipping off walls.  We plan to make it a traveling troupe with all the varied, quirky types that make up any theatre family.

And we found at least 5 exquisitely good actors for that company and for Salty Shakespeare.
Now THAT'S a productive day-----for anyone's casting call.