What is Salty Shakespeare?

How ‘bout this:  Want to give your friends and/or clients something they would never expect and won’t ever forget?

Flashmob Shakespeare.  

Salty Shakespeare is a troupe of professional actors who erupt with 2-3 minutes of The Bard in ANY setting:  Dinner table, board room, college campus, Starbucks line, crowded elevator…….you name it.

We have been hired by (to name but a few):  USC, Santa Monica College, Whittier College, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, L.A. Public Library, and private parties, to stir things up and lay down surprisingly relevant bits of Shakespeare, spicing up whatever event you’re throwing.  

Your guests will never forget this experience.  We consult with you about theme, and then we surprise and delight.  Scenes for every occasion.  

Salty Shakespear Sizzle Reel

See a little sample of what we do!

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